SCP 2022 Dashboard: March 4-5

Thank you to all of our guest speakers, panelists, MCs, Discussants, Session Coordinators, presenters, and participants from the SCP Community who came together for the conference! The many people who made this conference possible are included here.

If you missed the closing ceremonies, the description of our design principles and marketing strategy for the conference are here, including slides of the awards winners. The full list of winners of the Best Talk Award and Best Poster Award for each track of the conference can be found here.

We hope to see you in Puerto Rico in 2023!
Ellie Kyung (University of Pennsylvania), Kelly Goldsmith (Vanderbilt University), & Manoj Thomas (Cornell University)

Friday, March 4, 2022

Track 1
Spending Money
CHAIR: Eesha Sharma (San Diego State University)
Track 2
Technology & Society
CHAIR: Rom Schrift (Indiana University)
Track 3
Sustainability & Well Being
CHAIR: Yael Steinhart (Tel Aviv University)
Track 4
Goals & Motivation
CHAIR: Rima Toure-Tillery (Northwestern University)
Track 5
Judgment & Decision Making I
CHAIR: Dan Schley (Erasmus University)
Session A
9:30am–11:00am EST
1A. Luxury & Status
Discussant: Anat Keinan (Boston University)
MC: Silvia Bellezza (Columbia University)
2A. Algorithmic Conversations
Discussant: Klaus Wertenbroch (INSEAD)
MC: Gideon Nave (University of Pennsylvania)
3A. Sustainable Consumption
Discussant: Amir Grinstein (Northeastern University)
MC: Yonat Zwebner (Reichman University)
4A. Goal Pursuit
Discussant: Kathleen Vohs (University of Minnesota)
MC: Sarah Memmi (University of Louisville)
5A. Misinformation
Discussant: Dean Eckles (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
MC: Shreyans Goenka (Virginia Tech)
11:00am–11:15am EST
Session B
11:15am–12:45pm EST
1B. Charitable Giving
Discussant: Deborah Small (University of Pennsylvania)
MC: Kirk Kristofferson (Western University)
2B. When AI Goes Awry
Discussant: Bernd Schmitt (Columbia University)
MC: Mansur Khamitov (Indiana University)
3B. Reduce & Reuse
Discussant: Rebecca Walker Reczek (Ohio State University)
MC: Sara Loughran Dommer (Pennsylvania State University)
4B. Scarcity
Discussant: Rebecca Hamilton (Georgetown University)
MC: Sophie Linying Fan (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
5B. Context Effects
Discussant: Dan Schley (Erasmus University)
MC: Ioannis Evangelidis (ESADE)
12:45pm–1:00pm EST
1:00pm–2:00pm EST

Keynote Addresses: Jennifer Aaker (Stanford University) & Ayelet Fishbach (University of Chicago)
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Session C
2:00pm–3:30pm EST
1C. Currency Formats
Discussant: Vicki Morwitz (Columbia University)
MC: Shelle Santana (Bentley University)
2C. Consumer Privacy
Discussant: Donna Hoffman (George Washington University)
MC: Yanmei Zheng (University of Hawaii)
3C. Food Consumption
Discussant: Kelly Haws (Vanderbilt University)
MC: Linda Hagen (University of Southern California)
4C. Task Framing & Incentives
Discussant: Ayelet Gneezy (University of California San Diego)
MC: Caroline Roux (Concordia University)
5C. Uncertainty
Discussant: Philip Fernbach (University of Colorado-Boulder)
MC: Alice Moon (University of Pennsylvania)
3:30pm–4:30pm EST

60th Anniversary Celebration & Awards Ceremony
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Session D
4:30pm–6:00pm EST
1D. Financial Decision Making
Discussant: Eesha Sharma (San Diego State University)
MC: Jenny Olson (Indiana University)
2D. Context Effects in Technology
Discussant: Aner Sela (University of Florida)
MC: Sang Kyu Park (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
3D. Healthy Choices
Discussant: Aparna Labroo (Northwestern University)
MC: Atar Herziger (Technion Israel Institute of Technology)
4D. Identity
Discussant: Rima Toure-Tillery (Northwestern University)
MC: Jen Savary (University of Arizona)
5D. Sequential Judgments
Discussant: Yang Yang (University of Florida)
MC: Adelle Yang (National University of Singapore)

Saturday, March 5, 2022

Track 6
Attitudes & Persuasion
CHAIR: Uzma Khan (University of Miami)
Track 7
Interpersonal Relations & Group Processes
CHAIR: Eugenia Wu (University of Pittsburgh)
Track 8
Personality Processes & Individual Differences
CHAIR: Anne-Sophie Chaxel (HEC Paris)
Track 9
Social Influence
CHAIR: Aner Sela (University of Florida)
Track 10
Judgment & Decision Making II
CHAIR: Ryan Hamilton (Emory University)
Session A
9:30am–11:00am EST
6A. Effects of Valuation
Discussant: Christian Wheeler (Stanford University)
MC: Allie Lieberman (UCLA)
7A. Shared Experiences
Discussant: Peggy Liu (University of Pittsburgh)
MC: Ximena Garcia-Rada (Texas A&M University)
8A. Gender Effects
Discussant: Susan Dobscha (Bentley University)
MC: Alican Mecit (SKEMA Business School)
9A. Online Reviews
Discussant: Cait Lamberton (University of Pennsylvania)
MC: Jared Watson (New York University)
10A. Time & Temporal Effects
Discussant: Oleg Urminsky (University of Chicago)
MC: Zoey Chen (University of Miami)
11:00am–11:15am EST
Session B
11:15am–12:45pm EST
6B. Product Evaluation & Use
Discussant: Uzma Khan (University of Miami)
MC: Marissa Sharif (University of Pennsylvania)
7B. Gifts & Giving
Discussant: Nora Williams (Washington University in St. Louis)
MC: Julian Givi (West Virginia University)
8B. Underrepresented Consumers
Discussant: Dipankar Chakravarti (Virginia Tech)
MC: Rowena Crabbe (Virginia Tech)
9B. Social Media
Discussant: Keith Wilcox (Texas A&M University)
MC: Francisco Villarroel Ordenes (LUISS Guido Carli University)
10B. Experience Effects
Discussant: Alix Barasch (New York University / INSEAD)
MC: Gabriela Tonietto (Rutgers University)
12:45pm–1:00pm EST
1:00pm–2:00pm EST

Presidential Session Hosted by Geeta Menon (New York University): Career Tributes to Jerome Williams and Tom Meyvis
Watch the video

Session C
2:00pm–3:30pm EST
6C. Brands
Discussant: Amna Kirmani (University of Maryland)
MC: Maria Rodas (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)
7C. Consumption in Relationships
Discussant: Lisa Cavanaugh (University of British Columbia)
MC: Hristina Nikolova (Boston College)
8C. The Pandemic
Discussant: Selin Malkoc (Ohio State University)
MC: Annie Wilson (University of Pennsylvania)
9C. Corporate Morality
Discussant: Amit Bhattacharjee (INSEAD)
MC: Sydney Scott (Washington University in St. Louis)
10C. Feelings & Emotions
Discussant: Michel Pham (Columbia University)
MC: Kristen Duke (University of Toronto)
3:30pm–3:45pm EST
Session D
3:45pm–5:15pm EST
6D. Psychological Ownership
Discussant: Carey Morewedge (Boston University)
MC: Andrea Luangrath (University of Iowa)
7D. Self Other Perception
Discussant: Brent McFerran (Simon Fraser University)
MC: Tami Kim (University of Virginia)
8D. Political Ideology
Discussant: Rashmi Adaval (University of Cincinnati)
MC: Claire Heeryung Kim (McGill University)
9D. Social Signaling
Discussant: Nailya Ordabayeva (Boston College)
MC: Ezgi Akpinar (Sabanci University)
10D. Price & Numerical Cognition
Discussant: Ryan Hamilton (Emory University)
MC: Franklin Shaddy (UCLA)
5:15pm–5:30pm EST
5:30pm–6:00pm EST

Closing Ceremonies
Session Slides / Track Awards

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