Doctoral Consortium

Doctoral students – Join us for the Doctoral Consortium for career advice and the opportunity to connect with scholars in the field and with each other. Registration is $15 and will open when conference registration open. Note that registration is capped at 100 students to ensure the best possible experience.


Anastasiya Pocheptsova Ghosh, Eller College of Management, University of Arizona
Lawrence Williams, Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado Boulder

Schedule: Thursday March 3, 2022

* indicates faculty panelist who are part of the “Meet the Faculty” breakout sessions

11:00 AM – 11:15 AM EST Introduction
11:15 AM – 12:00 PM EST Meet the Editors
Martin Schreier (WU Vienna; International Journal of Research in Marketing)*
Vicki Morwitz (Columbia University; Journal of the Association for Consumer Research)
Lauren Block (City University of New York – Baruch College; Journal of Consumer Psychology)
Page Moreau (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Cait Lamberton (University of Pennsylvania) and Vanitha Swaminathan (University of Pittsburgh; Journal of Marketing)
Bernd Schmitt (Columbia University; Journal of Consumer Research)
Maureen Morin (Rutgers University; Journal of Marketing Research)*
Maura Scott (Florida State University; Journal of Public Policy & Marketing)*
12:15 PM – 12:45 PM EST Small Group Research Meetings for Europe and North America – East Coast
  Shankha Basu (University of Leeds)
Simona Botti (London Business School)
Zach Estes (City University London)
Ioannis Evangelidis (ESADE)
Joachim Vosgerau (Bocconi University)
Francine Espinoza Petersen (HEC Lausanne)
12:45 PM 1:15 PM EST Concurrent Sessions on Research Process
  Track 1: Early Stage – Identifying Research Ideas

Adrian Ward (University of Texas – Austin)*
Ryan Hamilton (Emory University)*
Zoey Chen (University of Miami)*
Tony Salerno (Vanderbilt University)*
Mansur Khamitov (Indiana University)*

  Track 2: Late Stage – Building a Research Agenda (Progressing vs. Letting Go of Projects)

Caleb Warren (University of Arizona)
Darren Dahl (University of British Columbia)*
Rebecca Hamilton (Georgetown University)*
Jonah Berger (University of Pennsylvania)
Rajesh Bagchi (Virginia Tech)*

1:30 PM – 2:00 PM EST Concurrent Sessions on Academic Life
  Track 1: Mentorship: How to be a Good Mentor, Inclusive Mentorship

John Lynch (University of Colorado Boulder)*
Aradhna Krishna (University of Michigan)
Geeta Menon (New York University)*
Americus Reed (University of Pennsylvania)*
Kristen Diehl (University of Southern California)

  Track 2: Lateral Collaborations: Your Cohort, Other Peers

Stephanie Tully (University of Southern California)
Eesha Sharma (San Diego State University)*
Szu-chi Huang (Stanford University)
Jordan Etkin (University of Maryland)
Cait Lamberton (University of Pennsylvania)
Rebecca Reczek (Ohio State University)*
Kelly Haws (Vanderbilt University)

  Track 3: Non-traditional Paths to TT jobs (post docs, government jobs, industry)

Mary Steffel (Northeastern University)*
Elanor Williams (Washington University in St. Louis)
Nell Putnam-Farr (Rice University)*
Uma Karmarkar (University of California San Diego)*
Nick Reinholtz (University of Colorado Boulder)*

2:00 PM – 2:15 PM EST Final Thoughts
2:15 PM 3:15 PM EST Social Event
8:00 PM – 8:30 PM EST Small Group Research Meetings for Asia and North America – West Coast
  Anirban Mukhopadhyay (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
Klaus Wertenbroch (INSEAD Singapore)
Sharon Ng (Nanyang Technological University)
Leonard Lee (National University of Singapore)
Amy Dalton (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
Erica Okada (Hitotsubashi University)
Adelle Yang (National University of Singapore)
Hannah Chang (Singapore Management University)
Stephen Spiller (University of California Los Angeles)
Esther Uduehi (University of Washington)