All Zoom links for the conference are already posted on this site. However, you will need a password to use the Zoom links which will live shortly before the conference. You will receive this password after you register for the conference.

  • To register for the conference, click here.
  • Registration for the conference will require SCP membership, which is $75 for faculty and $30 for students. If you are not already an SCP member, you will prompted to join or renew your membership.
  • Registration fees for the conference are $99 for faculty and $49.50 for students. There are no early bird or late bird or other bird-type registration rates.
  • If you would not otherwise be able to attend the conference because your institution does not cover conference registration due to pandemic budget restrictions, Covid-19 financial assistance is available. See the registration website for further details.
  • If you have changed institutions (or your e-mail address) since the last SCP conference, contact Eric Yorkston at to create a new account with your new e-mail address and merge it with your old SCP account. (If you do not care about merging your old and new accounts, you can create a new account at

For any questions about the conference, contact the conference organizers at For questions about your SCP registration, contact Eric Yorkston at