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Our Incredible Event Co-Chairs

Doctoral Consortium Co-Chairs

Anastasiya Pocheptsova Ghosh (University of Arizona)
Lawrence Williams (University of Colorado Boulder)



Research Skills Workshop Co-Chairs

Ashlee Humphreys (Northwestern University)
Mathew Isaac (Seattle University)

Social Co-Chairs

Jordan Etkin (Duke University)
Szu-chi Huang (Stanford University)
Mary Steffel (Northeastern University)

Our Inspiring SCP Board

Geeta Menon (New York University)
Patti Williams (University of Pennsylvania)
Gita Johar (Columbia University)

Brent McFerran (Simon Fraser University)
Eric Yorkston (Texas Christian University)

Our Brilliant Session Associate Editors

Flash Talk Associate Editors

Chiara Longoni (Boston University)
Kaitlin Woolley (Cornell University)

Poster Associate Editors

Yann Cornil (University of British Columbia)
Kirk Kristopherson (Western University)

Competitive Paper Associate Editors

Amit Bhattacharjee (INSEAD)
Cindy Cryder (Washington University in St. Louis)
Amy Dalton (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
Kelly Herd (University of Connecticut)
Xiuping Li (National University of Singapore)
Jeff Parker (University of Illinois at Chicago)


Anthony Salerno (Vanderbilt University)
Rob Smith (Tilburg School of Economics and Management)
Gülden Ülkümen (University of Southern California)
Denfeng Yan (New York University, Shanghai)
Ying Zhang (Peking University)
Min Zhao (Boston College)

Our Most Excellent Track Chairs

Anne-Sophie Chaxel (HEC Paris)
Ryan Hamilton (Emory University)
Uzma Khan (University of Miami)
Dan Schley (Erasmus University)
Rom Schrift (Indiana University)

Aner Sela (University of Florida)
Eesha Sharma (San Diego State University)
Yael Steinhart (Tel Aviv University)
Rima Toure-Tillery (Northwestern University)
Eugenia Wu (University of Pittsburgh)

Our Talented Discussants, MCs, and Student Coordinators

Thank you to the wonderful team of Discussants and MCs and the student coordinators who valiantly safeguarded every session: Donald Gaffney (Vanderbilt University), Elina Hur (Cornell University), Jeffrey Kang (Cornell University), Arnaud Monnier (Cornell University), Archer Pan (Cornell University), Priscilla Peña (University of Rhode Island), Deepak Sirwani (Cornell University), Michelle Wang (Cornell University), and Rin Yoon (Cornell University).


Our Wise Advisors and Role Models

Sarah Moore (University of Alberta) and Rod Duclos (University of Western Ontario), who set the bar high for virtual conferences at SCP 2021 and advised us every step of the way.


Our Passionate Community Builders

Adriana Samper (ASU), Jim Mourey (DePaul University), Keisha Cutright (Duke University), and Ryan Elder (BYU) for their work as PhD Project Student and Faculty Liaisons, including orchestrating the 2022 SCP Community Building Initiative connecting students with faculty mentors for SCP conference submissions. And yes – those are Jim’s vocals in the “I Believe” video!


Our Esteemed Program Committee

See them all here.


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